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Pat and Justin became business partners very early in Justin's life, beginning with selling fresh vegetables from their farm in Ariton at a roadside stand.  Both are extremely talented and have enjoyed many creative endeavors together.  Most memorable are selling their handmade Christmas ornaments at craft shows, winning photography contests and cooking competitions, and Justin designing patterns for his mother to expertly stitch into heirloom quilts.

Pat and Justin both inherited their creativity from Pat's father, Lawrence Deloney, and his influence has shaped the course of their business.  A child of the Depression, "Grandaddy" was creative out of necessity, recycling before recycling was cool.  He saved EVERYTHING, saw value in items often thrown away, and created multiple ways to reuse or repurpose them. 


On a trip to the county dump (where he usually came home with more than he left), Grandaddy taught Justin how he could pick up glass bottles and sell them at "the store" for some extra spending money.  Justin loved the thrill of the hunt and he became quite a salesman.  When his customers offered him more than a dime for bottles that were particularly old, a passion for finding buried treasure, and a special interest in history & antiques was ignited.

Whether it was digging up old bottles or searching through a thrift store for antique pottery and original art, 

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