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estate sale store


110 Easy Street  (one block from the Boll Weevil Monument, behind Bryars-Warren Drugstore)

Our estate sale store (formerly in Dothan) is a great option for clients that wish to sell an estate, but aren't interested in hosting an estate sale in the home.  Individual items or entire estates can be delivered to our store and consigned.  All consignments are mixed in with our retail items and arranged into appealing displays; we do not rent out spaces. 


New items are priced and put out daily, sometimes over 100 new items a day!  Items range from furniture & current home decor to fine antique jewelry, primitives & country store items to beautiful sets of china and glassware, and everything in between!  Our prices are extremely competitive & we never know what will be consigned next - so visit us often!!!  


We keep our merchandise moving with a discount schedule.  After consignments have been on the floor for 30 days, they are discounted 25%.  If they remain after 60 days, they are discounted 50%, after 90 days - 75% off! (Note: retail items & some items such as gold & silver aren't discounted according to this schedule.)


We also accept consignments from any individual, as long as the items are desirable in today's market, clean and in good condition, and are able to be priced at $10 or more.



1. Call Justin at (334) 790-9232 to describe the items.

2. Send pics to Justin's phone number for approval.

3. Once approved Justin will schedule an appointment for drop off.

(Consignments are dropped off on THURSDAYS from 10:00-5:00)  

4. You will be mailed a check each month for 60% of what your item sold for.

Antique Chair
Painting of Fruits and Vegetables
Interior Design
Antique Lamp
White Vintage Kitchenwear
Silver Ring Stack
Antique briefcases and hats
Blue Chair
Bright Room
Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Typewriter
Family Photos in B&W
Antique Chest
Garden Shed
Straw Basket
Colourful Pile of Old Books
Bench Coffee Table
Do you have Prince Albert in a can__._._
October place setting of the month! #vintage #China #placesetting #oysterplate #finedining #october
Jewelry Antique
Vintage Trumpet Player
Vintage Luggage in Shelves
Ship Stationary
Vintage Necklace
Vintage Apothecary Bottles
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