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We understand that moving, downsizing, and especially settling a loved one's estate is a large undertaking.  Sorting a lifetime of belongings can be an emotional process and trying to determine each item's realistic value is very overwhelming.  


We are Pat Peters and Justin Peters (mother and son), owners of

Wiregrass Estate Sales, and we would be honored to help you

through this process.  We have served the tri-state area with 

estate sale services since 2001, hosting over 200 successful estate sales. 


Professionalism is our utmost goal, handling each estate as if

it belonged to one of our own family members.  


Allow us to meet with you, free of charge, to help you determine the best way to handle your estate.  You have several options including a full estate sale, a clean-out sale with disposal services, and we now offer the option for your items to be consigned to our estate sale store in Downtown Enterprise, AL.  


We handle EVERYTHING, from organizing & selling a home's contents to cleaning, staging, pricing, hosting the sale and getting the home ready to sell.  If you do not already have a realtor, Justin is a realtor with James Grant Century 21 and can assist with selling the house itself.  It is our job to ease your mind and make this process as simple as possible.  


Remember that it has taken a lifetime for your family to create this estate.  We urge you to do your homework and make an informed decision when hiring a company to handle your possessions.  Whether you choose us or decide on another company, please hire licensed, insured and experienced professionals with references. 

Do not let a lower commission cloud your judgment.  Having a certified appraiser determining the value of your items is paramount.  You may be surprised to find that a piece of costume jewelry or an unassuming vase could be more valuable than an entire dining room suite.  It is also important to be able to view detailed photos of the items for sale at your estate sale, and for there to be a consistent & strictly enforced set of rules for those attending the sale. 


When the dust settles, a truly professional & experienced company will provide a hassle and worry free experience and net you a higher return in the end.


Our commission varies depending on the amount of work involved

but always includes the following:  

*free consulation

*sorting saleable items from unsaleable

*disposing of any garbage or debris

*organizing and cleaning the contents of the estate

*researching the items in order to price them accurately

*displaying or "staging" the sale to provide optimal results

*photographing in detail all items to be sold

*price the items with stickers and hang tags

*advertising the sale (local newspapers,, Facebook, trade publications, mailing lists, flyers, etc.)

*responding to all emails and phone calls related to the sale

*staffing the sale (security available if needed)

*obtaining all applicable business licenses

*conducting the sale

*managing parking

*working with realtors or owners to market the home or property

*collecting and reporting all applicable sales tax

*disposing of any left-over items as agreed

*cleaning up after the sale (if necessary)

Downtown Enterprise Business Association

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Member of Certified Appraisers Guild of America

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Justin is a Certified Personal Property Appraiser with CAGA - The #1 Trainer of Personal Property Appraisers in North America.

Member of American Society of Estate Liquidators

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Charter/Gold Member of

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Member of Antique & Collectibles National Association

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We are fully insured for estate sales through the ACNA.  

Realtor with Century 21 James Grant Realty

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If you need real estate services, Justin Peters will be glad to list your house as well as host the estate sale.  

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