Wiregrass Estate Sales


Your Source for Total Estate Liquidation!!


We are your one-stop shop for Total Estate Liquidation. We specialize in antiques & collectibles, but we can handle just about anything. From one item to an entire estate, let us turn your clutter into cash!!


We have many, many satisfied families. We will gladly provide a long list of references if you want them. All of our sales have grossed within or OVER the pre-sale estimate.



We offer Estate Sales, Estate Clean-outs, Internet Sales, Auction Brokerage & Certified Appraisals. We would love to talk with you if you have one item or an entire estate. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have, as many people are not familiar with the estate sale/auction/eBay procedures.

The ESTATE SALE STORE is now open! The store will be for estate sales that cannot be held at the home for whatever reason. We will move the items to the store and host a sale just like we would if it were at the home!

We look at 5-10 potential estates every week, and we end up turning down the majority of them for various reasons (not enough stuff, house closing deadlines, etc.). With the new store, we can now take those estates and move them to our place and still bring you an estate sale! In the last week, we have taken in one full estate and 4 partial estates for our first sale. We are hoping to have it mid November. For those of you that attended some of my sales at Medford Lincoln Mercury in Dothan, or at Hornsby Tire Warehouse in Ariton, this will be just like that! It will be a two to three day sale, depending on the quantity of items, with the same hours, rules and discount policies as an in-home sale.

Don't worry, we will still be doing estate sales in homes, and that is what we prefer to do, but this new venture is something that the Wiregrass area needs! The new store is located in Fountain Plaza, on the Ross Clark Circle. Our sign is not up yet, but the new store name is WIREGRASS ESTATE SALE STORE.
See you soon!!!



Also, we buy items. If you don't have the time for us to properly sell your items, we are willing and capable of purchasing your items outright for cash, from one piece to an entire estate!!



WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS !!! And, we NEVER charge for an estate consultation!


And don't forget, Justin is a REALTOR with Century 21 James Grant Realty. 


When you choose us, here is what we will do to get ready for the estate sale. This allows you to focus your energy on more important things, and take the stress away from you or the family:

*organize and clean the contents of the estate

*research the items

*display or "stage" the sale

*photograph in detail the items to be sold

*price the items

*market the sale (newspaper, TV, internet, trade publications, mailing lists, flyers, etc.)

*answer all emails and phone calls related to the sale

*staff the sale (security available if needed)

*obtain all applicable business licenses

*conduct the sale

*work with realtors or owners to market the home or property

*collect and report all applicable sale tax

*dispose of any left-over items

*clean up after the sale (if necessary)


Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation while insuring optimal financial results.  We also offer live, on-site auctions if we think that is the best avenue for the estate. 



*We offer estate, home, garage, basement, sheds, storage units, attic and barn cleanouts. From downsizing, to moving out, to moving into assisted living, to clearing out a house after a death of a loved one; we are there to help you. This will allow you to quickly make the home available for the next use or listing for sale/rent.  Wiregrass Estate Sales will come and perform a free on-site assessment and estimate.